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What is Paper-Newt?

Paper-Newt is a Canadian environmental initiative designed to promote the use of 100% recycled paper, conservation and the 3+ R’s of paper use: Recycling, Reducing and Re-using (plus being overall Responsible). It’s also a program designed to help non-profit organizations of all kinds become more environmentally sustainable, without burdening the organizations financially and distracting them from their missions.  Paper-Newt is a voluntary program that businesses, non-profits, government organizations and individual people can participate in, knowing that their efforts will make a difference.

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How Paper-Newt Works

We believe that businesses and organizations that go out of their way to use 100% recycled paper – plus have sound practices around recycling, reducing and re-using – should be recognized.  Being responsible and paying extra for recycled paper costs money, and businesses for the most part are in the business of making money, not saving the planet.  But businesses can, and should be socially and environmentally responsible.  Good citizenship should be rewarded and recognized.  That’s why we started the Paper-Newt program – to help businesses be recognized and to help the environment.  And guess what, we found one of the best ways to do that is to help businesses eliminate their paper footprints by helping non-profits!  (Click here to learn about paper-neutrality).

So how does Paper-Newt help organizations become paper-neutral AND support local non-profits at the same time?  It’s simple: we provide a means for organizations to offset the impact of their paper use by helping non-profit organizations reduce their impacts.  It’s a win-win-win-win situation: for businesses wanting to green their operations, for non-profits needing support and wanting to green their own practices, for communities (by strengthening the non-profit sector), and for the environment (by reducing waste and promoting conservation).  And what’s more?  Paper-Newt offers third-party verification so that when a business or organization says it’s paper-neutral, you as a consumer can be confident that it is.  (Click here to learn how to become Paper-Newt certified).

Why the Focus on Paper?

There are many great ways to help the environment: energy conservation, green energy use, carbon footprint reduction, supporting local agriculture, etc., etc..  Recycling and the reduction of paper use is just one of many ways people and businesses can do their part.  We at Paper-Newt focus on paper because that’s what we can do best.  (Click here to learn about paper facts and the importance of paper conservation).

Paper-Newt and Social Responsibility

Paper-Newt’s mission is to promote environmental responsibility and to strengthen communities by encouraging businesses to help local charities and non-profits.  Essentially, we help businesses enhance their green and corporate social responsibility initiatives, and provide a means for them to verify what they say they do.

To learn how Paper-Newt contributes to the environment and its community, over and above what we do with the Paper-Newt program, click here.  As you’ll see, we don’t green wash – we take corporate responsibility seriously (and so should you).

Why the Newt Mascot?

Why did we choose the Newt to be our mascot?  Was it because of his (or her) very clever and oh so neutral “Newt” name?  Or was it because newts are frequently GREEN?  Well, yes, … but it’s also because we think the newt fits what we do so perfectly.  (Click here to learn more about newts).



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