Our Sponsors

We exist thanks to the generous support of our sponsors

If it wasn’t for our sponsors, Paper-Newt couldn’t afford to do what it does.

The following organizations are not only Paper-Newt certified organizations themselves, but they also go above and beyond to help make the program affordable for other businesses and community non-profits.

Want to become a sponsor yourself?  Then contact us and let us know!

Paper-Newt Sponsors



PR Loyalty Solutions is a Vancouver-based consulting firm specializing in customer loyalty and reward program design and solutions, as well as market research and social enterprise business planning.  PR Loyalty Solutions helps connect businesses with their communities.


CanOINKian Comics is a community cartoon project that helps people thoink, loin, and laugh about their communities.


Become a SponsorWant to be more involved in the Paper-Newt program?  Then contact us!  We’re always looking for good sponsors and partners.