Social Responsibility

Paper-Newt’s mission is to promote environmental responsibility and to strengthen communities by encouraging businesses to help local charities and non-profits.  Essentially, we help businesses enhance their green and corporate social responsibility initiatives, and provide a means for them to verify what they say they do.  As such, we more than understand the need to put our webbed little feet where our mouths are.  Reducing paper footprints and helping non-profits to do the same is just  one way to make a difference – it’s just a start.  We at Paper-Newt believe we have to do more.  We encourage all businesses to make paper-negation just a part of their overall sustainability initiatives, like we do, but we also applaud all businesses that are at least starting with baby steps.

Yes, we at Paper-Newt do recycle, use 100% post consumer recycled paper and conserve paper as much as possible.  We also pay extra for green energy and to recycle everything we can.  We compost, support local charities, etc. etc..  We’re also involved in the community, including through organizations like Rotary and LocoBC.  We are not perfect, and we will never claim to be, but we do our part (and did so before Paper-Newt ever existed), which is what you should expect from an organization like ours.


The Paper-Newt program is proud to use green natural gas and green (wind powered) electricity through Bullfrog Power.


Paper-Newt is also proud to support Cowpower and its biogas-generated electricity.  Cowpower supports BC farmers to turn manure and food waste into clean renewable electricity (which Paper-Newt uses to power its office).





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