Become Paper-Newted

Businesses, non-profits, government and individuals can all participate in the Paper-Newt program in a variety of ways. 

Here’s how:


Businesses and government organizations can become either paper-neutral or paper-negative, which means eliminating their paper footprints and supporting local non-profits in the process.  To do this they need to do the following 4 things:

  1. Use 100% post-consumer recycled paper in all their operations (see Paper-Newt paper use guidelines for complete details including permitted exceptions);
  2. Adopt effective recycle/re-use/reduce paper conservation practices (click here for details);
  3. Offset the organization’s paper footprint impact by donating to local non-profits through the Paper-Newt program (click here to see how); and
  4. Become a member of the Paper-Newt program and agree to the program’s terms and conditions.

The difference between becoming Paper-Neutral and Paper-Negative is the degree of paper footprint offsetting.  Offsetting one’s paper footprint 100%, means having zero impact and so becoming paper-neutral.  To be certified as paper-negative an organization needs to go above and beyond, and agree to have even less than a zero impact, which includes offsetting their own paper footprint completely plus a little extra, as well as that of a qualified non-profit in their community.

Charities and other non-profit organizations can participate in the Paper-Newt program in one of two ways: (1) commit to becoming either paper-neutral or paper-negative themselves (in the same way as businesses and government organizations above) or (2) register to become a qualified Paper-Newt donation recipient organization.


Paper, Print and Office Supply Stores can become Paper-Newt certified paper suppliers.  To do so they need to do the following:

  1. Meet the 4 criteria that other Paper-Newt certified businesses need to meet with respect to the Paper, Print or Office Supply Store’s internal administrative operations (see above).
  2. Offer (and actively promote) recycled paper products and conservation to their customers.
  3. Offer Paper-Newt paper offsetting tracking services to their customers.

Paper, Print and Office Supply Stores will find it difficult (if not impossible) to become truly paper-neutral themselves, given their industry.  We believe they can, however, play an important role in helping society as a whole move away from the overuse of paper and adopt more sustainable paper practices.  As such, we believe that under the right circumstance good businesses in this industry deserve “honorary Paper-Newt” status, and serve an important role as providers of Paper-Newt certified products and services.  (Contact Us for details).

Events can even be made Paper-Newt Paper-Negative

Got an event coming up that you want to be made and certified Paper-Neutral?  Or how about a conference?  Contact Us for details on how your one time or periodic event can be made Paper-Neutral or Paper-Negative through the Paper-Newt program.


For Individual People – How can I personally ParticiPate?

Individuals can also become Paper-Newt Paper-Neutral or Paper-Negative.  Here’s how:

Reduce your use of paper as much as possible, use only 100% post consumer content recycled paper, and then offset the remaining impact of your paper use by helping non-profits do the same.

You as an individual can do this directly with a non-profit (and they might even be able to give you a tax receipt for your donation – check with them) or send us a cheque and we’ll make the donation for you (but sorry, we can’t provide or arrange the tax receipt).  Or, if you want to become officially Paper-Newted (as businesses should to prove their authenticity), as an individual you can sign up the same as a very small non-profit (for a small participation fee to cover the costs) and we can certify you Paper-Neutral just like we can a business.  (Note: Paper-Newt is seeing if the program can work with a foundation or partner charity to see if individuals can make a donation through us and get a tax receipt, but until we can do that then the simplest way might just be to donate directly to the non-profit (and skip the official certification unless you really want it – it’s up to you).  Kudos to you for wanting to be Paper-Neutral!