Apply to be a Qualified Non-Profit Recipient

How to become a Qualified Non-Profit Recipient of Paper-Newt Recycled Paper

Does your organization want to be environmentally responsible and use 100% recycled paper, but can’t quite justify the extra cost with your limited budget?  That’s the case with many non-profits.  Paper-Newt can help.

How the Paper-Newt Concept Works

Paper-Newt helps businesses and organizations become paper-neutral (or paper-negative) by helping them offset their paper impact by donating to non-profits (like you).  Simply by using paper, businesses have paper footprints and so do non-profits.  A business can become paper-neutral by minimizing the impact of its paper use (like by using 100% recycled paper) and then offsetting what footprint remains by helping non-profits (like yours) reduce their environmental paper impact by the same amount or more.  For example, if the paper a business uses creates 1000 lbs of greenhouse gasses and other environmentally harmful byproducts, but it can help your organization reduce your impact by the same 1000 pound amount, then the business can claim to be paper-neutral and you win too (as you get free paper plus can then afford to be green yourself).  So everybody wins!

So how do you sign up to get a donation of Paper-Newt recycled paper?

To qualify to receive a donation of recycled paper from a Paper-Newt participating business you must first become certified as a qualified non-profit recipient.  It’s free to do, but you must first agree to the terms of the Paper-Newt program.  Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Contact Us and let the Paper-Newt program know you want to participate.
  2. Agree to the terms of being a qualified Paper-Newt program non-profit recipient.
  3. Then either find a business wanting to donate to your organization and become Paper-Newted (best option), or just wait for a business to contact you.

Click here to view the terms of being a qualified Paper-Newt non-profit recipient organization.