Benefits for Businesses

Paper-Neutrality: What’s in it for your business?

There are many benefits for businesses from becoming Paper-Neutral, and especially if they do it through the Paper-Newt program.  (Click here to check out the Paper-Newt Guidelines to learn what it takes to become “Paper-Newted”.)

Here are just some of the benefits of Paper-Neutrality for businesses:

  1. Strengthening the business’s environmentally-responsible brand.  You want to be a legitimate “green” business, and you already do things like buy carbon offsets and donate to environmental organizations.  But what else do you do (and does the public know you do it)?  If you claim to be “green” and you don’t use 100% recycled “green” paper (even if it is white), then you’re not being true to your brand (or your customers).  Through Paper-Newt and the Paper-Newt brand you can legitimately (and very cost effectively) strengthen your environmentally-responsible and community-supporting brand.
  2. Adding credibility to the business’s environmental claims.  So you say you are environmentally responsible, but how do your customers know you’re doing what you say you are.  Want your customers to know what you’re doing and have confidence in your claims?  Then get Paper-Newted!
  3. Helping the business communicate its corporate social responsibility initiatives and practices.  We believe that businesses that embrace corporate responsibility (as opposed to just paying it lip service) should be recognized, so we’ll tell the public what you’re doing.  Being ethical and not taking short cuts can cost money – so for businesses it only seems fair that there be a return on investment.  Consumers should know which businesses deserve recognition (and they need to know who doesn’t). Paper-Newt helps businesses get the recognition they deserve, and by doing so the program helps motivate other businesses to do the same.
  4. Leveraging the benefits of the business’s charitable giving in the community. You can donate money to charity and you can spend money on carbon offsets (or donate to environmental causes), but both cost money.  With Paper-Newt you can benefit both – charities you value and the environment – and you can do both without spending twice the dollars.  In fact, $100 spent through Paper-Newt can produce over a $200 return on investment – a $100 benefit to a community charity and an additional $100 benefit to the environment, plus invaluable returns from both employee and customer respect. Great businesses support local causes.  They sponsor community events, they donate services and they give dollars to worthwhile non-profits and charitable organizations.  They do that because it’s a good thing to do, which brings them respect from their customers, employees and the general public.  Let Paper-Newt help your business leverage its “good thing” dollar investments.
  5. Enhancing the business’s respect both from the community and its employees.  We’ve already covered this really.  Here’s the formula: Do good + Paper-Newt helps tell everyone = enhanced community brand = respect = positive return on investment.  So let Paper-Newt help make “doing good” easy (and honestly effective).
  6. Visibility and PR provided by the Paper-Newt website and other Paper-Newt public relations communications.  Become paper-neutral by reducing your paper use and by donating to charity, and Paper-Newt will help ensure you get the visibility, PR and recognition that you deserve.  Trust the Newt – people do!

Here are just some of the benefits of going Paper-Neutral through the Paper-Newt Program:

  1. Credibility: Paper-Newt is a legitimate and respected program.  Consumers recognize that businesses certified “Paper-Neutral” through Paper-Newt have to meet certain requirements and have legitimate claims to being “green” or engaging in green initiatives.  If your business is just green-washing, then please don’t apply to the Paper-Newt program. We only want to support credible businesses because we’re all about credibility.
  2. Logistics Assistance: Want help by donating paper to worthwhile charities in your community, but don’t have the time to arrange the donation?  Paper-Newt can help make the process smooth, easy, and mutually beneficial.  We can help, and so can our partner paper providers.
  3. Effective Solutions: Paper-Newt offers an effective system for greening your business AND supporting the community causes you believe in.  It’s simple.  It’s effective.  And it makes a difference.  Let Paper-Newt help you with your green paper initiatives, so you can spend time concentrating on your business.
  4. Support a Good Cause: By becoming a Paper-Newt participating business you’ll not only be helping the environment and non-profit causes in your community, but you’ll also be supporting Paper-Newt, a program that’s all about promoting and facilitating positive change.  Do good not just once, but three times (plus many many more)!  It’s good for the world – and you’ll feel good about doing it!

Click here for information on how to become a Paper-Newt paper-neutral business.