Benefits for Non-Profits

How can Paper-Newt Paper-Neutrality help Non-Profits?

Non-profits can benefit from the Paper-Newt program in one of two main ways: (1) by becoming Paper-Neutral (or Paper-Negative) themselves or (2) by being the recipient of a Paper-Newt recycled paper donation.

(1) Non-Profits wanting to become Paper-Neutral (or negative) themselves might include environmental organizations that see value in going the extra mile in being green themselves.  Yes it will cost a little bit more, but if “greening” the planet and setting an example is your mission, then it’s a smart and noble investment.  (To learn about the benefits of becoming Paper-Neutral for non-profits, check out the Benefits of Becoming Paper-Neutral for Businesses.  The benefits aren’t 100% identical, but a lot are the same).

(2) Non-Profits that want to be Paper-Newt recipients of donated recycled paper (which will save them money, almost like a cash donation, but also help them to very affordably green their own operations) can benefit from the Paper-Newt program in the following ways:

  • Save money by not having to purchase paper.  Because Paper-Newt participating businesses donate recycled paper to non-profits, by participating in the program yourself you can save on your own office expenses.
  • Afford to use recycled paper, without having to spend less on your mission-related activities.