Cowpower, Eco-Dairy and Green Energy

Cowpowered Tour of Abbotsford’s Bakerview EcoDairy

On Wednesday of this week I had the pleasure of joining Cowpower‘s sponsored tour of the Bakerview EcoDairy in Abbotsford (in the Fraser Valley just outside Vancouver).  What an amazing place.

The cows there had an automatic massage brush, walked on rubber cushioned flooring, and got milked by a robot whenever they wanted milking.  Everything was high tech and computerized, but also appeared very humane and good for the animals.  Great educational tours too.

What was most interesting about the EcoDairy though was their Cowpower-supported anaerobic digester Continue reading “Cowpower, Eco-Dairy and Green Energy”

Ethical Deal Bullfrog Power Deal

Ethical Deal is offering a limited time offer of 67% off $45 worth of Bullfrog Power.  

Based in Vancouver, Ethical Deal is an online coupon company, kind of like GROUPON, only it offers coupons just from businesses that care for the environment, respect animals’ rights, benefit the community or promote wellness.

Bullfrog Power is Canada’s 100% green energy provider, offering homes and businesses clean, renewable energy solutions. Continue reading “Ethical Deal Bullfrog Power Deal”

Cut Hydro Bill by 10% and Earn $75 Bonus!

Here’s a Non-Paper Way to Cut Energy Use and Save Money

Do you live in British Columbia and get your electricity from BC Hydro?  Looking for an incentive to help you cut your energy bill?  Then check out BC Hydro’s Team Power Smart Program.

Here’s the challenge: Sign-up for BC Hydro’s Power Smart program and challenge yourself (and the rest of your household) to cut your hydro energy consumption by 10%.  If you’ve signed up, and your energy use drops by 10%, then BC Hydro will reward you at the end of 12 months with $75 Continue reading “Cut Hydro Bill by 10% and Earn $75 Bonus!”

Launch of the Paper-Newt Program!

The Paper-Newt program has been launched, although it’s still in the very early development phase of its existence (kind of like the aquatic larva stage of a real newt).  We are confident though that it will grow quickly and help make a difference.