Cowpower, Eco-Dairy and Green Energy

Cowpowered Tour of Abbotsford’s Bakerview EcoDairy

On Wednesday of this week I had the pleasure of joining Cowpower‘s sponsored tour of the Bakerview EcoDairy in Abbotsford (in the Fraser Valley just outside Vancouver).  What an amazing place.

The cows there had an automatic massage brush, walked on rubber cushioned flooring, and got milked by a robot whenever they wanted milking.  Everything was high tech and computerized, but also appeared very humane and good for the animals.  Great educational tours too.

What was most interesting about the EcoDairy though was their Cowpower-supported anaerobic digester – a system that took the cows’ manure and turned it into electricity (used to power things like this blog posting), as well as other byproducts like cow bedding and organic fertilizer.

Thanks for the tour Bakersview!  And thanks Cowpower for inviting us to the event (and for supporting the development of anaerobic digesters in BC and their resulting green energy).