Cut Hydro Bill by 10% and Earn $75 Bonus!

Here’s a Non-Paper Way to Cut Energy Use and Save Money

Do you live in British Columbia and get your electricity from BC Hydro?  Looking for an incentive to help you cut your energy bill?  Then check out BC Hydro’s Team Power Smart Program.

Here’s the challenge: Sign-up for BC Hydro’s Power Smart program and challenge yourself (and the rest of your household) to cut your hydro energy consumption by 10%.  If you’ve signed up, and your energy use drops by 10%, then BC Hydro will reward you at the end of 12 months with $75 (above and beyond what you’ll save by a lower utility bill).  Check out the BC Hydro website for details.

(When you sign up enter “bechange1” as the promo code and Be the Change Earth Alliance (a great environmental program) will receive recognition for helping promote the program.

Oh, and while you’re signing up, don’t forget to sign up to receive your BC Hydro bills the paperless route (i.e., electronically).