Ways to Save Paper

Looking for Ways to Conserve Paper and to Minimize Your Use of this Precious Product?

In addition to using 100% post consumer content recycled paper wherever possible, here are some tips and suggestions on what else you can do:

Re-Using Paper

Re-Use One-Sided Paper:

  • Need pieces of scrap paper to write notes on from time to time?  Then cut the blank paper into quarters, staple a pile of them together, and voila you have your own recycled scrap paper notepad!  Great for note paper by the telephone, shopping lists (although making the shopping list electronically on your smart phone would be even better), and other times you just have to write something down.
  • Need to print a copy of  a receipt for your accounting records and an electronic copy just won’t do?  Then print it up on the back of some discarded one-sided paper.  (Canada Revenue Agency doesn’t care, or at least they better not!)
  • More to come.  (Send us your suggestions).

Reducing Paper

Wrap Gifts in Cloth

  • Only print stuff if you have to.  Need a back up copy in case your computer fails?  Then store a second electronic copy on a USB somewhere else (like in your safety deposit box if it’s critical)
  • Instead of wrapping your next gift to give away in disposable commercial wrapping paper, why not make (or buy) a fancy cloth gift bag?

Don’t Use Paper

  • You don’t always have to use paper.  Sometimes you need to, but other times you can just do things electronically, like on your iPad or tablet or computer.  Many businesses and organizations today are moving in that direction.

Use Both Sides!

  • Print on both sides of the paper when you can (and next time you buy a printer, make sure it has double-sided capabilities so you don’t have to waste time manually feeding it all the time).
  • More to come.  (Send us your suggestions).