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Paper-Newt Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to us.

Collection and Use of Information

Like most websites, when you browse on this site our server may automatically record such information as your IP address, operating system, type of browser, how you accessed our website, which pages you visit and at what time.  Paper-Newt and its parent organization, PR Loyalty Solutions, use this information to learn how people use our website and to assist us in making improvements in our site and services.

On some parts of our website you have the option to send us information about yourself that we may need for correspondence or for use in a survey or market research.  If you provide us with this information, you consent to its collection and use by us.  Also, if you provide us with information about yourself (such as name and contact details) we will assume you would like information about the Paper-Newt program and we will contact you.  Paper-Newt will not intentionally distribute this information outside of our organization, except as required by law.   Also, we will not sign you up for any Paper-Newt newsletters, except with your permission.

We will not share personal information about you with third parties, unless with your permission or as required by law, or to provide services that you request (such as e-newsletter subscriptions or electronic surveys managed through an authorized and affiliated third party service provider).

Please understand that information transmitted over the Internet may be accessed by third parties, and recognize that Paper-Newt and PR Loyalty Solutions will not be liable for any such unauthorized disclosure.  Also, Paper-Newt and PR Loyalty Solutions are not responsible for the privacy practices, security or the content of any other websites to which we link and you should review the privacy policy at each site before providing any information.

In conclusion, we take privacy very seriously and require our partners and affiliates to do the same.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact us at info (at)