Terms for Being a Qualified Non-Profit Recipient

To qualify to be certified by Paper-Newt as being paper-neutral (or paper-negative) a business must offset its paper impact by donating recycled paper to a qualified non-profit recipient organization.

What is a Qualified Non-Profit Recipient Organization?

A  qualified non-profit recipient is an organization registered with the Paper-Newt program that has agreed to the terms of participation.

What are the Terms of Participation in the Paper-Newt Program for Non-Profit Organizations?

A non-profit wanting to participate in the Paper-Newt program as a qualified non-profit recipient of donated paper must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Be either a charity or non-profit organization registered in Canada.
  2. Either have, or commit to adopting, a recycling program and policies where all paper used by the organization is recycled.
  3. Either have, or commit to adopting practices encouraging the reduction and re-use of paper where possible.
  4. Confirm that prior to participating in the Paper-Newt program and receiving donated paper the organization did not use recycled paper.  (Click here for an explanation of this requirement).  (Note: non-profits that use less than 100% recycled paper can still participate, although they will need to find business partners that are willing to donate significantly more to receive the same offset credit.  For example,  to receive the same offset credit a business would need to donate twice as much recycled paper to a non-profit that uses 50% recycled paper as it would to a non-profit that uses 0% recycled paper).
  5. Agree not to let the donation of paper increase the organization’s use of paper.  It’s nice to get free paper, and it might be tempting not to be so careful with a resource that’s now free.  But the purpose of the Paper-Newt program is to promote paper conservation, so the last thing we want to do is to encourage non-profits to be less careful with this valuable resource.  Paper-Newt businesses want to donate to non-profits that will help them reduce their net paper footprints, not increase them!